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"Successful Inc. gave motivation to become the best not only at music but in everything in life."
Fausto Mejia, Junior (Rising Senior), Trumpet

“Successful Inc.’s expertise and network of relationships are essential to Save The Music’s
impact on students, schools and communities in the Delta. Erskin Mitchell works tirelessly to
ensure that music educators and students have the support they need to succeed. His
connections and attention to band directors and parents in communities across the region
complement our in-school program work, building strong music programs from K-12. We’re
looking forward to continuing to build the Successful Inc. partnership!”
Henry Donahue, Executive Director, Save The Music Foundation

“I initially didn’t want to audition for a college band but Mr. Sanders explained that it wouldn’t hurt to try. So, in the midst of preparing for my audition I gained more confidence and was
offered multiple band scholarships.”

Madison Harper; Senior Alto Saxophone

“Our school district provides instruments for our students to use, but the vast majority of our
students don't own their own instrument. Successful Inc steps in to help supplement the gaps
that allows students to now own their own instruments. The reward that comes across their face
is priceless. Students immediately have a renewed sense of pride and ownership. It helps in so
many ways just like music does by teaching and developing the whole child. Successful Inc is a
priceless gem in our community!"
R. Brandon Doggett, Director of Bands, Overton High School

“I was so grateful when I received my clarinet. I’m now able to practice during holiday breaks and on the weekends at home. The extra time practicing allows me to work on things like my scales to prepare for college”

Janiya Terry; Junior Clarinet

"You live twice. You live once by being birthed and you live a second time by being successful.
Successful Inc helps us become successful."
Dontavius Howze, Senior (Rising College Freshman, Trombone/ Baritone, Will attend U of M
on a Music Scholarship

“Successful Inc has made a big impact on my band program. The instrument donation has allowed one of my students to continue their music education at the college level on their very own high quality musical instrument. This has been a motivator for all the students in the band because they see the results of what is possible when they work hard.”
Leslie Holmes, Band Director Port Gibson High School, Port Gibson, MS

“Having my own trombone inspired me experiment more on my horn as far a sliding methods and techniques. I am a diehard Jackson State fan and the extra time spent on my horn allowed me to understand some of the language they were speaking at Day with the Boom last year. I think I’m ready for my audition.”

Anthony Warren, Jr; Sophomore Trombone

Save The Music Foundation and Successful Inc. are two organizations aligned in their missions,
to ensure every student has access to reach their full potential through the power of making
music. Mr. Mitchell has been a phenomenal partner to Save The Music as we grow our

community partnerships and grant making in Mississippi and we look forward to our continued
work together!
Jaclyn Rudderow, Senior Program Director, Save The Music Foundation

“Now that I have my own horn, I can work on what Mr. Sanders needs

like certain parts in our concert music and practicing on the fingering

from F to F#.”

India Harper; Sophomore Clarinet

“I’m very grateful for the opportunity to work with Successful Inc. For many students,
they would like to hone their craft on their instrument, especially for the future. The
organization provides this opportunity to deserving students so they may continue their
music education during and after high school.”
Roderick White, Jr., Cordova High School Director of Bands

“I’m extremely grateful for what Successful Inc. has done for me. Being gifted a beautiful silver trumpet pushes and motivates me into being a better and more successful player every day. Thank you, Successful Inc.”
Antonio Paul, Trumpet (Junior)

“I’m so grateful for the opportunity of being a recipient of

Successful Inc. Mr. Mitchell definitely
assisted and motivated me in becoming a successful

trumpet player. I’m so grateful for him and
plan to follow his footsteps!”

-Tylan Walker, Trumpet, Freshmen (Rising Sophomore)

“Successful Inc thank you for the alto saxophone. Since I've received this gift, it has changed a
lot for me. It has helped me not struggle with sound and confusion while playing. I can play my
instrument better than ever and also now I practice without being too loud or while struggling to
hear my sound. Thank you once again for this great opportunity.”
Damarco McBride, Freshman, Saxophone Player, (Currently Attending Alcorn State University On Band Scholarship)

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