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about the organization

Successful Inc. is dedicated to providing musical instruments to students in community bands and music programs, particularly in areas where families may struggle to afford such opportunities. Learning to play a musical instrument offers more than just a constructive pastime for our youth; it serves as a catalyst for enhanced brain function and a valuable stress reliever. Clinical studies have shown that school music programs bolster a student's confidence, foster early cognitive development in math and reading, and refine critical thinking skills.

As a nonprofit, our mission extends beyond just donating instruments. We are deeply committed to championing higher education, passionately advocating for band directors and music teachers within K-12 school districts across the Southern United States.

Join us in harmonizing the future of these budding musicians. 


about our founder

Erskin Mitchell Jr, the founder of Successful Inc, embodies dedication and perseverance. Raised in the Mississippi Delta in a single-parent household, Erskin experienced the financial challenges first-hand. Despite limited resources, his mother's profound investment in a top-tier trumpet for him became a turning point in his life. Drawing from his personal journey and the life-altering impact of a single instrument, Erskin established Successful Inc, a company that stands as a beacon of hope, offering opportunities to financially challenged families and ensuring that music remains a powerful instrument of change in their lives.

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